Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Card Connection

This was my 2nd card connection that I had attended @ MGSS. Things went a little different this time around. With this CC we were to get a recipe of our choice and use this card to decorate it with the theme of our recipe. Mine is the first recipe card... the front were the ingredients and the back (forgot to take the pic of that) were the instructions. The beautiful recipe cards that follow are the ideas of the ladies that were there at the CC. The last 2 pics... that is a little folder to store your recipes. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave me a comment!

Materials Used:
From my Kitchen cart; D'Vine Swirl; black satin ribbon; stickles; printed paper IS from MGSS


  1. These are soooooo cute!!! What a great gift idea!

  2. sooo cute..love the monkey card..ur cart is here ..call me

  3. These look familiar! I love how we all coodinated our color scheme without knowing what the others were making.
    BTW, I received your punch and BEACH word album. Come by to pick them up when you can.

  4. I see you are having lots of fun! great project too! :)

  5. Card Swap due date has been extended, please check my blog tomorrow 8/16 for details.

  6. Thank you Agnes I will be heading over there right now:)