Monday, August 9, 2010

Card Connection

Hello to All:) This post is my very first Card Connection that I had attended at The Memory Garden Scrapbook Shoppe. I really have come along way in understanding how the card making world works and I love every minute of it! The cupcake card is my little creation (BTW it was a trifold card) and the cards following were created by the wonderful ladies that also go to the CC.

At these card connections what you have to do is make the card of you choice and supply every single person with what it took to make your card so they may assemble it on there own and vice versa. That way you learn there technique and get different ideas for card making! Don't you just love that!!:)

***I have been needing to post these projects for some time now. You will be seeing the other card connections I have been to through out this week.***


  1. cool. i never heard of them before but sounds like fun. your card is very pretty and the cupcake very yummy looking :-)

  2. Thank you so much I have a blast everytime!