Friday, June 11, 2010

Father's Day Album

I made this for my hubby for his first Father's Day last year (he is such a hands on daddy(God Bless His Soul:)) Can you believe this was my first crafting project!! This is when I was introduced to the two wonderful ladies at The Memory Garden. I walked in clueless beyond measures and had no idea what to do I knew I wanted to make something I just didn't know what to make! Let me tell you it was mind boggling because I DON'T craft... or so I thought lol!! Then my two new friends gave me a little push into opening my mind and voila! I hope you guys like it, all in all I had a blast:)

Materials Used:
LOVE chipboard album; ribbon; cardstock (The Memory Garden), embellishments.


  1. I remember this project. I'm so glad you walked into the store that day. You did a nice job on this, and you've come a long way as a crafter since then. Yolanda

  2. It is crazy how long its been but the only problem is I am an addicted scrapper now!! Well then again that might not be so bad:) Thanks again for your comment.