Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Candy Land Birthday Party

Candy Land Theme:
I decided to share this picture with you of my baby girl's 1st birthday party. Which shows you my beautiful cake if I can toot my own horn lol! just kidding! Just so you will know my hubby and sister-in-law helped so very much with this cake. This is my other hobby Baking which I love!! Well to be honest I have not make a cake like this since her party it was a little exhausting... but so fun doing the planning. Oh my this party took the energy out of me... let's just put it this way I was planning this since she was 4 months old! Sorry for the repeat I did a little rewind in mind on the day before:)
Long story short I decided to take cake decorating classes just for the occasion (by the way that took me 3 long months to complete). So Daniella someday you will be able to read this MOMMY AND DADDY HAD A BLAST!!! Everything on the cake was edible well except the plastic towers. My hubby and I did the arrangements and I made some chocolate lollipops to follow the candy theme... candy canes snowflakes, lollipop pinwheels, gumdrops. All candy used was to represent the theme it was like I was a kid again... oh so fun!!!
On to the two big fellows! My hubby the original crafter of the family he has ownership of these two, and of course with the help of my father-in-law. This project took them 88 hours to do...WOW unbelievable right! That's what I said:) What we do for our babies!
There was more going on at the party but these two were the big hits, so I hope you enjoyed:) Now planning her 2nd birthday party but this time a little more low key:)


  1. i love this pictures.. but i noticed that u have the famouse EMMA folloing you !!!!!WOW!!! CHIFLADA!!!

  2. Stop...Your making me blush:)lol! Pretty Cool!! I know that project was not this kind of crafting but I wanted to show Mr. Mint and King Candy, that is what I was tying to discribe to you. I know I did not post this but that cake took us 7 hrs bc of the fondant...so I give props to all the cake decorators out there:)!

  3. How did you make Mr. Mint and King Kandy? what materials where used, what size are they and did you do the other charcaters too?

    if you can email me back at shanicecora@aol.com I am planning a candyland theme baby shower and am stressing over props! thank you